Thanksgiving Bounty Baskets
Lord's Warehouse
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We thank you for taking the time to read this web site
and for your support of the Lord's Warehouse. The Lord's
Warehouse gives away all kinds of items that are received
from you though your donations, from churches, individuals,
companies and corporations. Nothing is held back and no
money is ever charged for items given away. None of the
workers at the Lord's Warehouse get any kind of pay for
their time, it is all volunteer. For this reason we need your
The Lord's Warehouse is continually thinking about the
needs of those around us. The Thanksgiving Holiday season is especially important to the Lord's Warehouse. One of the many ways The Lord's Warehouse can be a blessing to individuals and families in the area is through our Thanksgiving Bounty Baskets. In the year of 2009, We, along with several other churches and other individuals in the area, distributed these to about 300 families in four counties, Worth, Harrison, Gentry, and Mercer counties. These baskets included a turkey and/or a ham and all the trimmings, right down to a pumpkin pie and whipped topping for desert. Once again in 2009, the Thanksgiving Bounty Baskets Distribution was a complete success. 
Several pounds of venison was given to The Lord's Warehouse from a program called "Share the Harvest". This venison was also available for those who like deer meat, as part of the Thanksgiving Bounty Baskets. More about "Share the Harvest" program can be seen on the web by clicking here.
If you would like to donate food items to the Lord's Warehouse please take donations to the Lord's Warehouse on Tuesdays, Wednesdays between the hours of 9-1 A.M. Money donations for the Thanksgiving Bounty baskets can be sent to the Treasurer at the address of Thanksgiving Bounty Baskets, Lord's Warehouse in care of Rick J. Smith, 16588 W. 130th St. Bethany, MO 64424. Please mark your donation to the 2012 Thanksgiving Bounty Baskets. All donations will be greatly appreciated, both in money donations, and even in just lending a hand. The assembling of the boxes will take place on Saturday November 17, 2012. Delivery date is set for November 18, 2012. Please join us November 18, 2012 at the The New Hampton Christian School at 1:00 PM. Help us disperse the baskets and bless the people in our area. Lunch will be served. The New Hampton Christian School is located on Market Street, on the corner of Burton and Market, in the north part of town, in New Hampton, MO.
In the years past, we have had several donations from the surrounding area including some of the local business. Thank You for Your Support!
Previous years Bounty Basket delivery was a complete success. Six years ago (2006) we ended up serving 215+ families in all. If you would like to see pictures and information click here.
We would like to Thank all that helped in assembling the baskets and all those who leaned a helping hand. God Bless Everyone.
Below is the official
Food list for the baskets

Macaroni and cheese      
Turkey gravy                   
Cranberry sauce             
Stuffing mix                    
Canned corn                   
Canned green beans        
Canned fruit                    
Canned yams                  
Pumpkin pie                    
Whipped topping              
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