Lord's Warehouse
    The  Lord's Warehouse is open on Tuesday's, Wednesday's from 9:00 AM till 1:00 PM, and closed on the first Saturday of the month. The Lord's Warehouse and available to anyone. Everything in it is free for the taking, you are free to browse shelves and racks looking  for clothing, household items, and food. It's purpose is to serve anyone in need, or temporarily down on his or her luck. Workers will be on hand to help load and unload large items if needed. The Lord's Warehouse currently has 9 part time volunteers, these include but are not limited to Philip McChesney, Mr. and Mrs. JD Kincaid, and Pastor Paul Drummond, Carolyn Stevens, Lois Grace, Jim Coxx, Lucy Stinnett, Thomasine Phillips. All workers are volunteers and do not receive a salary. People receiving items from the Warehouse will be asked to register their names, address and phone number, each person dutifully recorded on a list for future reference and follow-up. A normal day the list is a full page long, someday's it is a page and a half. 
Mrs. Jim Reese said, under normal conditions, there will be no attempt to make judgements on who qualifies as needy." Still, there will be "guidelines." The warehouse, by definition, is for people who demonstrate a need; it is not for a family to make weekly trips to supplement household desires.
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From His Hands To Your Hands
Open Tuesday and Wednesday 9am - 1 pm