You will take your donation directly to the warehouse. The little building located on the west side is made to accept clothing donations. Simply open the door on the front and push the clothing up and in. Larger items can be left outside.
The  Lord's Warehouse is open on Tuesday's, Wednesday's from 1:00 PM till 4:00 PM, and the first Saturday of the month from 1:00 PM till 4:00 PM.
Workers will be on hand to help load and unload larger items if needed. The warehouse, by definition, is for people who demonstrate a need; it is not for a family to make weekly trips to supplement household desires.
The warehouse will provide receipts for cash donated and will consider giving receipts, if a legitimate request is made for other larger items. Large items like big appliances or furniture will not be stored at the warehouse due to space limitations, but a list of potential donors and their addresses will be maintained.
Donated non-food items will be sorted, sized and displayed. Food items will also be collected and kept. Food items will be selected for distribution to people or families in need by volunteers after assessing the need.
People will not be allowed to "shop" the warehouse's shelves. Food items are not for sale.The warehouse will not charge for its service, but all donations will be accepted.
Volunteers will always be on call for emergency needs such as a devastating fire. Transportation will be provided to the warehouse if you are unable to secure transportation.

Money donations will also be accepted by the volenteers or can be sent to the Tresurer at the address of Lord's Warehouse in care of PhilipMcchesney 309 e. US Highway 136 New Hampton, MO 64471.

If you have a donation, please call the Lord's Warehouse at (660) 726 - 4297

Lord's Warehouse Philip McChesney at (660) 439 - 2163

The New Hampton Christian Church at (660) 439- 2651

Community Services at (660) 726 - 5663

Lord's Warehouse
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