Lord's Warehouse
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From His Hands To Your Hands
Open Tuesday and Wednesday 9am - 1 pm
Back several years ago a group of citizens had a dream that many articles being disposed of could be used by others who for some reason are less fortunate.  At that time they made arrangements for a building east of Albany and the “Lord's Warehouse” became a reality.  Volunteers were recruited and people began to donate used clothing and other articles and the dream began to grow.  For many years donations and people in need have increased.
It is still operated by volunteers and a few rules have been put into place. It is now open each week on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9am to 1pm. The volunteers work hard to get things sorted and ready for the customers.The purpose of the Lord's Warehouse is to help those in the surrounding communities who are in need of clothing and other articles of donation. The volunteers are reliable, always there to help and do appreciate an occasional  “Thank you.”

The Lord's Warehouse appreciates monetary donations so that we can pay for propane gas, electricity, water and a few needed supplies.  Donations come from churches, businesses and people with a desire to help others.  We appreciate the public's donations and any suggestion on how to make the place more efficient and more helpful. We cannot thank those enough who donate and the volunteers for their dedication and hard work. The Lord's Warehouse is just what the name implies (read Deuteronomy 15:11-17).  A big thank you to all who make donations and to the volunteers for their continual hard work and dedication.
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