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Sharing the Harvest  - A Missouri Tradition

On December 12, 2009 Paul Drummond of the Lord’s Warehouse delivered a freezer full of deer meat to the Community Services office in Grant City.  Mary Jo Fletchall, Area Manager, stated that there was approximately 1,500 pounds available to area families. If you or anyone you know is interested in sharing the harvest, please call in Grant City - 660.564.2182 for more information.
In early November, 2009, Governor Nixon announced an initiative to significantly expand Share the Harvest. Beginning in 2007, the Conservation Federation was forced to cap the number of deer individual processors could accept because of limited financial constraints. Gov. Nixon’s administration has awarded $200,000 in Neighborhood Assistance Program economic incentives to the Conservation Federation to help boost their fundraising from private contributors.
“Hunting, fishing and outdoor recreation are important Missouri traditions, and vital parts of our cherished way of life,” Gov. Nixon said. “Share the Harvest is a wonderful way for Missourians to continue that tradition, by providing fresh, nutritious meat for their neighbors in need. I thank all the hunters across Missouri who also contrib¬uted their venison to Share the Harvest. This program really makes a difference for the people of the Show-Me State.” Founded in 1992, Share the Harvest encourages hunters to donate their deer to local food banks, homeless shelters and feeding centers.
Conservation Federation officials project that with these additional resources, they will be able to generate sufficient private contributions to expand the number of Share the Harvest processors from 125 last season to 135 over the next three years; boost the number of deer processed from 4,729 to 8,169; and increase the pounds of venison distributed from 265,138 to 457,464. Under the program, part anticipating hunters simply take their deer to an approved processor and indicate they would like to donate venison, ranging from a few pounds to an entire deer. The Conservation Federation of Missouri, in partnership with the Missouri Department of Conservation, administers the program. For each full deer contributed, the Conservation Federation reimburses participating processors for part of the cost of butchering and storing the venison.
“Extending a helping hand to Missourians in need and in poverty - in both urban and rural areas is what the Neighborhood Assistance Program is all about,” Gov. Nixon said. “I’m pleased we are able to make these resources available, and I look forward to working with the Conservation Federa-tion and the Missouri Department of Conservation to help Share the Harvest grow even more in the years to come.” “Hunters have always been the ones who feed our families and provide for our communities,” said Dave Murphy, Executive Director of the Conservation Federation of Missouri. “By participating in Share the Harvest, Missouri hunters keep that legacy alive. I appreciate all the sportsmen, processors, sponsors and local Conservation Agents who help us make Share the Harvest such a success, and we especially thank Gov. Nixon for his leadership and support. We look forward to continuing to work with the Governor to make sure Share the Harvest is even more successful in the years to come.” A complete list of participating meat processors is available on the Missouri state Web site. Missourians can simply point their browsers to www.mo.gov and search for “Share the Harvest.”

                                   Article Copied Word for Word from "The Times Tribune" from Grant City, MO

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